There is a common misconception that auto-enrolment is purely about pensions. Auto-enrolment is actually largely a payroll issue with some pensions knowledge required. Auto-enrolment is compulsory for employers and has already started. We have been providing auto-enrolment for clients since 2013, having staged employers with up to 250 employees we have an excellent knowledge of the new legislation and are well placed to handle your auto-enrolment implementation.

The steps required to comply with the new compulsory legislation are as follows:-

  • Identify your staging date

  • Select a pension provider and set up a pension scheme

  • Decide on a basis of earnings assessment

  • Communication in writing, details of the changes to your employees

  • Assess each employee's status against the enrolment criteria on each payroll run *

  • Communicate in writing to employees, their the initial status and any subsequent changes *

  • Enrol eligible employees into your pension scheme *

  • Calculate and deduct pension contributions from employees on each pay run *

  • Calculate your employer pension contribution on each pay run *

  • Send details of contributions to your pension scheme provider after each pay run *

  • Pay over contributions to your pension scheme provider each month *

We will handle all of the above for our payroll clients for just £99+VAT

Note - We provide an administration only service and do not offer investment advice. If you would like investment advice then we can facilitate this through one of our partners.

* Indicates service provided as part of our ongoing payroll service.