Top Social Media Tips from Introtweet

This month we asked the social media experts at Introtweet what advice they would give to small businesses posting to social media. Here is what they said.

Consider your Social Media Aims

You need to know exactly why you are on Social Media if you ever want to gain success from this way of marketing. As with most things in life – if you have an aim, you can plan & therefore can achieve your goals. If your aim is brand awareness, website traffic or enquiries you need to make sure everything you do on a daily basis leads you closer to this. Take the time to consider your aims & consider that these may be different for each of your Social Media platforms.

Make sure you have the time

Don’t set goals to be on & succeed at every Social Media platform if you know you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to do this successfully. Consider & find out which platforms your audience are on & set out to make sure you have the time, knowledge & resources to run these specific accounts successfully.

Get a content plan together

We know that many businesses have concerns that they don’t have enough content to facilitate a successful Social Media presence & be consistent – we are here to tell you that you do have content & lots of it. Take the time to look within your business; behind-the-scenes content such as works in progress, office birthdays & team meetings can make excellent Social Media content. You are still promoting your business but in a much more personalised way that is guaranteed to get great traction across your Social Media accounts.

Do not link your Facebook & Twitter accounts!

To begin with you may be thinking that this could actually be a very useful time saver & actually may have considered doing this yourself… OR you may be firmly in the Introtweet camp & also hate seeing these two accounts linked!

Either way, I am going to describe exactly why I am so against this & why I would advise ALL businesses who currently have their accounts linked to unlink immediately!

Here are my reasons:

* You alienate your followers – A Facebook post which has been linked to Twitter appears on Twitter as a very poor tweet! It may just be a Facebook link… or it will be an incomplete sentence followed by a Facebook link. Either way, this kind of tweet will never, ever gain any engagement on Twitter as it’s just not a good tweet! A tweet linked to Facebook will have no hashtags, no questions & will just disappear from the newsfeed in seconds. Instead of linking I would recommend taking the time to do the two posts separately but making them both brilliant for their own separate platform.

* You annoy your followers (or don’t gain very many in the first place) – Facebook posts appearing as tweets are hated by many keen Twitter users! A Twitter user is very rarely going to click the Facebook link in your tweet so actually your tweet is rather pointless…! Also, rather than just being a little bit of a waste they will actually have a negative impact on your Twitter use! If someone follows Introtweet & they have all their tweets linked to Facebook I really struggle to press the follow button – if this Twitter user is not actually using Twitter for Twitter what’s the point of following them as they will probably never engage with your tweets!

* Your followers probably won’t be the same on both accounts – whilst it’s nice to think all your Facebook likers are following you on Twitter & vice versa, in reality this just won’t be the case. You will have completely different audiences & they will expect your content to be unique & tailored to them! Don’t ruin your relationships before they have had a chance to begin…

* Lastly, it’s actually just quite lazy! I am sure ‘lazy’ is not a word that you would want associated with your business in any way – but by linking both of your accounts this is just how you will come across. Tailoring specific tweets to send out to your followers is what you need to begin to do – but to begin with turning your Facebook posts in to 140 character perfect tweets is a brilliant start!

For more Social Media tips and advice from Introtweet, take a look at their website.

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