Portt & Co partner with Revolut

We're delighted to be able to offer our clients a functional free business bank account via Revolut. Revolut offer a free plan to all businesses but anyone signing up via the link below additionally receives; Bulk payments

Payment approvals

User permissions

Perks Bulk payments and payment approvals in particular are great features, often reserved for commercial level bank accounts with main high street banks, we regularly use the payment import feature, which is a breeze in Revolut. https://growth.revolut.com/porttco?utm_source=accountants&utm_medium=partner&promo=ACCOUNTANT&utm_campaign=ACCOUNTANT&ext=PORTTCO_ACC You can have 2 free time members or pay £5 a month for each additional user. After your first 5 bank transfers a month, you'll pay 20p per payment for a faster payment service. We do also recommend the £25 a month plan for those needing expense management capabilities. Only sign ups via the link will qualify for the additional free benefits.

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